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President Biden’s economic woes have largely been tied to inflation, with his lowest approval ratings coinciding with surging gas prices over the summer. While Biden has so far been able to dodge blame for the recent stock market declines in the

(NewsNation) — As Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc on southwestern Florida, the state's already strained home insurance market may be pushed to its limit. Florida residents are projected to pay an average of $4,231 in homeowners insurance premiums this year,

WASHINGTON (The Hill) — House Democrats on Thursday urged airlines to refrain from resuming stock buybacks until they overcome flight delays and cancellations stemming from a shortage of workers.  When lawmakers provided airlines with over $50 billion in relief to keep

WASHINGTON (AP) — Battered by surging consumer prices and rising interest rates, the U.S. economy shrank at a 0.6% annual rate from April through June, the government announced Thursday, unchanged from its previous second-quarter estimate. It marked the second consecutive quarter