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Tsai Ing-wen never set out to be a leader. Growing up shy, she aspired to become an archeologist, because “people that are dead already wouldn’t jump up and

Majd Kamalmaz, an American man detained in Syria more than seven years ago, has died, according to a statement from the Bring Our Families Home Campaign (BoFH).

Dinosaur means “terrible lizard.” The idea that the prehistoric creatures were scaly, sluggish reptiles with sprawling postures that dragged their tails through tropical swamps is deeply imprinted in

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Saturday he blames “everyone who is not doing enough” for Ukraine’s recent setbacks on the battlefield as he admitted the current situation

The Dominican Republic is days away from a general election that will see voters elect new lawmakers and the president as they weigh the nation’s economy and security.

After 48 years of investigation, Alberta Royal Canadian Mounted Police linked the deaths of four young women killed in the Calgary area in the 1970s to one man

(NewsNation) — Former Miss America Cara Mund, now running for the U.S. House as a Republican in North Dakota, broke from her GOP rivals saying she will not "worship" former President Donald Trump if elected and will treat him like

DALLAS, Texas (NewsNation) —  Former President Donald Trump praised the National Rifle Association for standing with him “from the very beginning.” And the group returned the favor, formally endorsing his presidential bid. “With your vote, I will stand strong for your

The 2024 presidential election has turned into a crash course in gerontology. On Election Day, former president Donald Trump will be 78 years old, and President Biden will be a couple weeks shy of 82. Never have two people of such

Certain Democrats trying to cope with President Biden’s continually underwhelming 2024 poll numbers share an article of faith: the ceiling theory. All Biden needs to do is rally allies who are unenthusiastic about him — particularly young, Black and Hispanic voters

After more than a year and a half, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is set to fly another space tourism mission as early as Sunday, the first since the company suffered an engine failure on a flight that ended with the

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum had a rather unremarkable run for president. He made it to the Republican debate stage thanks to a fundraising gimmick that delivered donors gift cards. His biggest headline may have come after he tore his

Three weeks before their GOP primary, Sens. Deb Fischer and Peter Ricketts took a politically risky move. The Nebraska Republicans had reversed their opposition to a massive national security package and voted to approve the funding even though it included $61

“Biden not only kept information he was not supposed to keep but he shared it with people who were not allowed to see it. He shared that information with his ghostwriter. Special counsel Hur said President Biden had ‘strong motivations’

An American doctor who refused an evacuation from southern Gaza on Friday said he stayed behind in solidarity with colleagues who were unable to leave, calling on President Biden to help ensure the safety of medical workers treating patients impacted