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Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) pushed back on the growing ouster effort against him Tuesday, calling it “absurd” and “not helpful.” The comment came shortly after Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) announced he would co-sponsor Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) motion to vacate

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has subsidized the manufacturing and export of materials used to make fentanyl through tax rebates, a House select committee alleged in a report. A months-long investigation into Chinese websites, government documents and data points for narcotics

President Biden’s latest student loan forgiveness program is giving flashbacks to his 2022 universal relief plan that was struck down by the Supreme Court, but experts aren’t convinced this is going to be a redo of the past failure.  The Biden

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) announced Tuesday he will co-sponsor a resolution to oust Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) from the House's top job. Massie told his colleagues during a closed-door conference meeting that he will co-sponsor the motion to vacate resolution filed

(The Hill) -- President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden made a combined income of $619,976 last year, and Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband made $450,299, according to the couples’ 2023 tax returns the White House released

China’s Strong Start to 2024 Surpasses Expectations Quick Look: China’s GDP growth at 5.3%: Surpasses expectations amid economic challenges; Retail sales growth slows: Indicates weakening consumer confidence despite GDP rise; Real estate crisis deepens: Investment falls by 9.5%, exacerbating sector woes. Despite mounting challenges in

Unlocking Creative Potential: Mirada AI’s ICO Is Coming   Quick Look: Mirada AI Launch Mirada AI, developed by Mirada Labs, is a new decentralized platform offering advanced AI tools like image generation and animation. MIRX, operating as an ERC20 token on Ethereum, supports transactions,

AUD/USD Jumps on China’s Market Boost Quick Look: AUD rallies on PBOC moves: Boost from China’s stock market and economic policies. Chinese market impact evident: Direct correlation with AUD/USD performance; US data prompts AUD drop: Strong US retail figures diminish hopes for Fed rate

How to Mine Dogecoin: Simple Guide to Digging Digital Gold Key Takeaways: Download Mining Software: Obtain software like UnMineable or Phoenix Miner for your PC. Choose Your Mining Method: Decide between CPU, GPU, or ASIC mining based on your hardware capabilities and preferences. Select

USDCAD and USDCNH: USDCAD again above the 1.38000 level USDCAD climbed to a five-month high this morning at the 1.38140 level.  During this morning’s Asian trading session, USDCNH rose to 7.28326.  USDCAD chart analysis USDCAD climbed to a five-month high this morning at the

RaysX ICO Launch: Transforming DeFi with DEX Apps   At a Glance: RaysX Protocol Offers tools that make developing dApps and DEXs easier, broadening accessibility for all levels of developers. Provides a platform with built-in monetization opportunities and tools, encouraging both creation and innovation. Uses

Bitcoin Halving: Coinbase’s Bold $73K Campaign Quick Look: Coinbase launches ad campaign: Using a pizza analogy, it emphasizes Bitcoin’s value growth. Bitcoin halving event nears: Block rewards to halve from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC, lowering inflation. Economic implications: Expected scarcity may boost Bitcoin’s price

Ethereum’s Recovery Effort: Surpassing the $3,000 Mark Quick Look: Ethereum surpasses $3,000: Shows resilience and bullish market trend Stiff resistance at $3,278: Bears influence a pullback, highlighting market volatility Potential for further decline: Trading below the 100-hourly SMA suggests bearish short-term Key resistances ahead: Challenges

NEW YORK — Former president Donald Trump and his allies have fought back against the criminal case he faces here by discounting the impact of alleged conduct that happened years ago and charges that center on the seemingly tedious subject