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ORLANDO, Florida (WJW) -- "We are here and ready to continue making memories with you." That is the message from Florida-based Red Lobster as the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Sunday. Last week, the seafood chain closed

(KTLA) — Need a dinner plan? Buffalo Wild Wings has you covered. The company recently announced that it's offering an all-you-can-eat deal on boneless wings and fries for $19.99. The deal is only available to dine-in customers every Monday and Wednesday

(NewsNation) — The dating website for married people seeking affairs, Ashley Madison, has doubled its membership since a devastating 2015 hack that exposed millions of customers' information, according to a former executive. Evan Back, who served as vice president of sales

(NewsNation) — Hims & Hers, an online pharmacy startup, announced Monday it's introducing weight loss injections. The online pharmacy startup will offer oral medication kits starting at $79 per month and compounded GLP-1 injections containing the same ingredients as popular

(NewsNation) — McDonald's has been working toward eliminating its self-serve beverage stations in restaurants across the U.S. for the past year, with the company wanting to phase them all out by 2032. Plus, some locations may start to charge customers

WASHINGTON (AP) — Cyberattacks against water utilities across the country are becoming more frequent and more severe, the Environmental Protection Agency warned Monday as it issued an enforcement alert urging water systems to take immediate actions to protect the nation's

(KTLA) — Target is cutting prices on thousands of items as it acknowledges that shoppers are increasingly struggling with inflation, the company announced Monday. In a statement, Target said the price cuts affect approximately 5,000 “frequently shopped items,” including meat, milk,

(NewsNation) — Countries like Brazil, France and Germany want the world's billionaires to pay a global wealth tax but the United States is reportedly against the idea. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told the Wall Street Journal on Monday that the U.S.

(WJET/WFXP) — Less than one week after Red Lobster announced the closure of dozens of restaurants across the nation, the company has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The seafood chain has been struggling with rising lease and labor costs in

(NewsNation) — The most influential architect of the 20th Century, Frank Lloyd Wright designed ultra-modern homes – for the times. But Wright never dreamed of creating space for a television, much less an 85-inch flat screen. “Wright had some beautiful ideas that

(NewsNation) — The fashion industry (companies that construct clothing or make the materials for clothing) accounts for up to 4% of global climate emissions and an unknown but large percentage of worldwide water pollution. “Natural” materials like cotton and leather have huge

(NewsNation) — Consumer prices have risen nearly 20% since President Joe Biden took office as inflation continues to sting and elevated interest rates make taking on debt more difficult for Americans. Bankrate analyst Sarah Foster joined "NewsNation Live" to discuss how

(NewsNation) — Several journalists for the Chicago Tribune filed a lawsuit against the newspaper’s owners, alleging women and Black journalists are being paid less than their white male counterparts. Seven journalists filed the complaint Thursday in federal court in Chicago as

(NewsNation) — Everyday Americans are struggling to find affordable homes, and competition from investors has made it even harder. Investors bought a record 26.1% of low-priced homes sold in the first quarter, according to a new Redfin analysis. “Any home that

(WJW/NEXSTAR) – McDonald’s is releasing a new McFlurry said to be inspired by — and celebrating — grandmas. On Thursday, McDonald's announced its new “Grandma McFlurry,” to be available for a limited time starting May 21. McFails: A look back at McDonald’s