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NAPLES, Italy — The United States informed the government of Niger on Friday that it agreed to its request to withdraw U.S. troops from the West African country, said three U.S. officials, a move the Biden administration had resisted and

NEW YORK — The courthouse’s 15th floor is available for only one trial. All judges except New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan must work elsewhere for now. An organization that intervenes in the lives of youths caught up in the

The first week of Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York ended Friday with a full panel of 12 jurors and six alternates in place ahead of opening statements expected Monday. Jury selection saw numerous moments of drama and tumult, including

Presidential elections are odd things. They happen regularly and unfold in familiar ways, but because they’re spaced out by several years, we tend to forget some of the specifics. Combine that with the seemingly insatiable (albeit certainly not universal) interest

Former president Donald Trump has long cast President Biden as “Sleepy Joe,” accusing him of being too old and weak to do the job. Now Biden’s campaign sees an opportunity to turn the tables. The campaign has increasingly put a spotlight

President Biden and his aides viewed Israel’s strike on Iran on Friday as a relatively measured response to the barrage of missiles and drones Tehran launched toward Israel last weekend, and they are increasingly hopeful that the confrontation between the

A bipartisan coalition in the House, led by House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), has overcome a key procedural hurdle to advance a $95 billion foreign aid bill, despite objections from far-right lawmakers. The vote now puts the legislation to fund Ukraine,

Participants of our recent live chat mused about what effect third-party votes have on presidential candidates for major political parties. A reader named Cathy asked, “If they vote Kennedy, that hurts Trump. Correct?” This is an open question. Democrats are not

NEW YORK — A jury is set to hear opening statements Monday on whether Donald Trump falsified bank records in connection with his effort to hide an alleged affair from voters in the 2016 election. The historic trial began this week

NEW YORK — A 12-member jury was assembled for Donald Trump’s hush money trial on Thursday hours after two previously sworn-in jurors were removed, illustrating the intense scrutiny and potential public exposure that comes with sitting in judgment of the

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has long been an agency in crisis, with poorly managed facilities that are unsafe for inmates and employees alike. In March, The Washington Post reported on three critical federal watchdog reports released that month alone and

There is no trial in recent history, or possibly all of American history, that can rival the one underway in Lower Manhattan. For the first time, a former president is facing a jury on charges that he committed multiple felonies

A bill to provide additional U.S. aid to Ukraine could move one step closer to House passage on Thursday — but might need a major boost from Democrats, who would have to join Republicans to push it through. And that action

Welcome to The Campaign Moment, your guide to the biggest developments in a 2024 election that could be decided in a courtroom. (Did a friend forward this to you? If so, sign up here. You can also hear Aaron’s Campaign Moment

Upon hearing that members of the Kennedy family would be appearing with President Biden at a campaign event on Thursday, my first thought went to another large family: the Gosars. You are probably less familiar with the Gosar family, if you’re