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  /  News   /  21-year-old becomes youngest female mayor in US history

21-year-old becomes youngest female mayor in US history

(NewsNation) — At 21 years old, Brooke Huckabee has made history as the youngest woman mayor in U.S. history, taking office in the small town of Arabi, Georgia.

Huckabee, a college student studying agriculture technology, was elected mayor of the town of about 500 people located 150 miles south of Atlanta. She also works part-time for the state’s Department of Agriculture.

“I figured what a better time than now to kind of put my foot in the door,” Huckabee said Tuesday on “NewsNation Live,” citing a lack of interest in politics among her peers as motivation for running.

The young mayor is juggling her new responsibilities with her studies and part-time job, relying on careful scheduling to balance her commitments.

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Huckabee, whose father previously served as mayor, said she initially kept her political aspirations a secret from him.

“Part of the little girl in me just wanted to make my dad proud with it,” she said.

As mayor, Huckabee is prioritizing the establishment of a local police department, which would be the first in Arabi in about 100 years. She also aims to encourage community investment and engagement.

Known for its agriculture, Arabi is home to several agricultural businesses within city limits. Huckabee, who grew up in the industry, emphasized her agricultural roots during her campaign.

Looking ahead, the young mayor expressed interest in potentially running for governor, stating, “I feel like at the state level, I can still balance everything else in my life.”

Huckabee encourages her generation to overcome what she sees as laziness in political engagement: “You have to take the time to go out and get that information. It’s just not going to fall into your lap.”