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  /  World News   /  Waffle House servers see rollout of new payment plan

Waffle House servers see rollout of new payment plan

(NewsNation) — Waffle House servers could see a pay raise over the next three years as the company rolls out a new compensation plan.

Waffle House CEO Joe Rogers III addressed what he called “Waffle Nation” in a video posted to the company’s website last month.

“This is the single largest additional investment in our workforce in the entire 68-year history of Waffle House,” he said.

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The first wage increases go into effect this month.

The new wage will consist of a base hourly rate, tenure bonus and shift premiums. The base hourly rates will differ depending on the restaurant’s location. Over the next year, in three phases, Waffle House will roll out its new tenure bonus structure.

After its full rollout next January, beginning at three years of service, every salesperson companywide will receive an additional 50 cents per hour, Rogers said. That bonus will increase by 10 cents every year after that.

“This is great recognition for those of you who decide to make this more than a temporary job,” Rogers said.

Longtime Waffle House Chairman Joe Rogers Jr., 77, has an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion, according to Forbes.

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The company will also roll out new shift premiums for salespeople: $1 extra per hour for those working the second shift and 50 cents per hour for those on the third shift. This is in addition to the other pay increases.

“Our goal is to create a standard Waffle House base rate that rises over time and ends up capturing a majority of your realities along the way,” Rogers said.