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  /  World News   /  Planters to hire crew to travel around country in ‘Nutmobile’

Planters to hire crew to travel around country in ‘Nutmobile’

(KTLA) – Looking for a career change?

If the answer is yes (and you don’t have any nut allergies), Planters wants you to work alongside Mr. Peanut.

Planters is searching for three people to join its team for a one-year gig chauffeuring Mr. Peanut around the country, and bringing nuts to events and festivals, in the one-of-a-kind “NUTmobile.”

Applications are now being accepted to become a “Peanutter” with Planters. (Planters)

The company says it’s looking for crewmembers, aka “Peanutters,” in search of “life’s next nutty adventure.”

“From being the grand marshals of parades to making appearances at community events and grand openings, our Peanutters are fun-loving ambassadors of the iconic Planters brand,” said Patrick Horbas, the company’s director of marketing.

This is the third “class” of Peanutters, Horbas said, and this year’s crop will be tasked with “bringing smiles and joy to millions of people they meet every year.”

Mr. Peanut and the NUTmobile are shown Wednesday, Sept. 9, in Burlington, Wisconsin. (AP Images)

While the job title is a bit out-of-the-shell, a Peanutter is a real position with responsibilities and hiring requirements.

Duties include representing Planters in media interviews and appearances, entertaining fans at community events, engaging with consumers and performing volunteer work.

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Applicants should have a college degree, preferably in a media-related field, with a desire to travel, an appetite for adventure and “proficiency in nut-related puns,” according to Planters.

It’s a full-time, one-year gig that starts June 2024.

Peanutters are tasked with chauffeuring Mr. Peanut around, engaging with consumers, and representing Planters at media events. (Planters)

Those interested can apply online at Applicants will need to provide a resume, cover letter and a short video pitching themselves as the perfect addition to the team.

It is unclear if Mr. Peanut has final say on all personnel decisions.