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  /  News   /  Michelle Obama won’t run for president, says biographer

Michelle Obama won’t run for president, says biographer

(NewsNation) — The likelihood of Michelle Obama running for president is incredibly remote, according to the author of one of her books.

One of three Democrats polled by Reuters want President Joe Biden to step aside, with the former first lady unsurprisingly a popular replacement.

Obama was the only hypothetical candidate to outperform Donald Trump, capturing 50% of the vote compared 39%.

In a Biden-Trump head-to-head, the incumbent and former President amassed 40% support each from voters.

Notwithstanding her esteem among Democrats, the biographer and author of “Michelle Obama: A Life” says politics isn’t in the ex-first lady’s future.

“It is as unlikely as it could possibly be,” Peter Slevin said on “NewsNation Live”, regarding the possibility of Obama being on the 2024 ticket.

“She has said over and over again, this is not her world. She’s not going to do it,” Slevin added.

Obama’s office provided a statement to NBC News in March reiterating that she would not be running and supported the Biden campaign.

“In her mind, she wants to have Democrats win,” Slevin said. “She dislikes — I think to put it lightly — Donald Trump… I think she will be doing some things in the fall to advance the Democrats.”