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  /  News   /  Democratic presidential candidate says Biden must step down

Democratic presidential candidate says Biden must step down

(NewsNation) — Marianne Williamson, who ran against Joe Biden in the 2024 primaries, has called for him to drop out in favor of an open convention.

While stoking her own self-interest, Williamson believes Biden’s inability to dispel questions over his ability to run the country is affecting the Democrats ahead of November’s presidential election.

“Obviously, I think it should be me otherwise I wouldn’t be running,” Williamson said on “Morning In America.”

All eyes on Jeffries as Democrats weigh Biden’s future

“But the point is something has to happen and it has to happen quickly. No major company in this company could survive if when a crisis like this occurred, there was such slow reaction…. this is not just about Biden’s debate performance, this is about watching how the Democratic Party is handling this.”

Williamson argues there is a “lack of courage” emanating through the party as questions over Biden reign despite uncertainty as to whether he will remain up for reelection.

“We have a crisis on our hands, everybody knows it,” Williamson said. “Somebody needs to have a very serious talk with President Biden, with the Biden family; we need to move on.

RFK Jr. fails to gain traction despite Biden’s disastrous week

Donald Trump is laughing… the Republicans are enjoying this fiasco.”

Despite Vice President Kamala Harris being the current favorite to take over as the nominee should Biden withdraw, Williamson argues a more democratic process should be employed.

“When you said say she should ‘step in’, that’s not how a democracy is supposed to work. This is supposed to be thrown over to the delegates. This is not about party elites saying ‘Well, who are we going to decide?'”