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  /  World News   /  Non-profit helping veterans assimilate to civilian life

Non-profit helping veterans assimilate to civilian life

(NewsNation) — Hire Heroes USA CEO Ross Dickman, an Army veteran, is helping those returning from service transition to civilian life through a non-profit close to his heart. 

Career-coaching, mentoring and other resources are available to veterans and military spouses for free, thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers. Dickman, who served in the Army as an Apache Helicopter pilot, found it difficult to return to civilian life like many of his comrades.

“The first thing that we focus on is personalized one-on-one career coaching, we really help them understand and navigate the job market, get a high-quality resume and cover letter together, and then connect them with employers who are looking for, and understand the value of military talent,” Dickman said on “Morning in America.”

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The non-profit has over 1,450 volunteers who help ensure veterans are able to be fast-tracked toward a civilian career. Hire Heroes is also closing in on placing its 100,000th veteran into a job since its establishment in 2005.

“The military serves a really unique mission for our country; in terms of protecting the country security and providing national defense,” Dickman added.

“But, those skills don’t always have an easy translation into what companies might do. It’s also a very structured, and very close-knit culture in the military – and so, fitting into the civilian culture in the workplace can be kind of a shock, if there’s not coaching to help understand how to navigate that transition.

“So we really just tried to help them understand how to unpack those skills and apply them to the different ways that companies are pursuing their mission.”