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  /  News   /  Biden’s make-or-break moment may already be broken: Stirewalt

Biden’s make-or-break moment may already be broken: Stirewalt

(NewsNation) — With an energetic rally in Wisconsin on Friday followed by a much-anticipated television interview, President Joe Biden is hoping to right the ship after the first disastrous debate with former President Donald Trump.

The problem, according to NewsNation political editor Chris Stirewalt? The ship is taking on a lot of water.

Trump says he has ‘nothing to do’ with Project 2025

“Well, I think it’s broke,” Stirewalt said. “Biden could put it back together. And that’s sort of the premise that the Biden campaign is implicitly offering their party: ‘We have 10 weeks until the next debate; we can get this race back to the point where we were only losing by a little, right? Give us time. And we can put it back together.’”

Stirewalt said that if the bottom does drop out from Biden too late into the election, Democrats will feel the punch in down-ballot races.

“The reason you’re hearing all this pressure from Democrats is that Virginia shouldn’t be a swing state; New Hampshire shouldn’t be a swing state. That’s not what these Democrats want to see. And if the bottom drops out for Biden, the consequences down ballot for these other Democrats are real.”