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  /  News   /  Live: 9/11 families call on Biden, Trump to address Saudi video

Live: 9/11 families call on Biden, Trump to address Saudi video

 (NewsNation) — A group of families of 9/11 victims will speak at a news conference Tuesday about a video allegedly showing a Saudi agent “casing” the U.S. Capitol as the terror attacks were being planned.

9/11 Justice, which also includes survivors and first responders, will call on President Joe Biden, as well as former President Donald Trump, to address what the group says is “explosive” revelations. In addition, 9/11 Justice is urging Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to provide “justice and closure” to families of victims.

Investigators working with 9/11 Families United sent NewsNation the video after a judge released it by court order as part of a civil lawsuit filed by victims’ families that seeks to hold Saudi Arabia liable for any role it had in the attacks.

US Marshals find 200 missing children in Operation We Will Find You

Video footage shows a group of men driving around a neighborhood and sometimes pointing out landmarks like the White House, the Washington Monument and the Capitol building.

Saudi government officials maintain the video is nothing more than a tourist video of Washington, D.C. Former CIA and FBI official Phil Mudd said in a previous appearance on “Cuomo” that while the video is significant, it is not necessarily evidence.

Reporting by NewsNation correspondents Tom Dempsey and Joe Khalil contributed to this article.