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  /  World News   /  Stanley finally invented a way to carry your big, dumb cup

Stanley finally invented a way to carry your big, dumb cup

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The Stanley Cross Bottle will make you look like a chic camper

If you’re someone who loves your TikTok-famous Stanley Quencher tumbler, you might have just one complaint about it: Those big, dumb cups are kind of annoying to carry around. Sure, they hold all the liquid you could ever need to drink in a day and keep it at just the right temperature in a container that resists splashes and spills (and also looks great). But despite having a side handle, they aren’t exactly ergonomic. And if you have other things to carry, your hands are going to get really full, really fast. Because a Quencher isn’t really something you want to just toss in your purse or bag, even though it’s leak-resistant. It’s not that leak-resistant, you know?

So what’s the solution? Well, Stanley may have just come up with it. The brand just announced its newest product: The Cross Bottle, a tumbler that’s absolutely made for people who are on the go. This 23-ounce water bottle has the same double-wall vacuum insulation as your Quencher, so it keeps cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot drinks hot for up to two days. Plus, it has a completely leakproof lid and a removable straw for easy sipping. But what sets the Cross Bottle apart is that it has flat sides to fit comfortably against your body and a long strap, so you can toss it over your shoulder or wear it as a cross-body. The strap is adjustable and made of durable leather and canvas, so it not only looks good, but it can withstand some serious wear too.

Shop this article: The Stanley Cross Bottle, 23 OZ in Black 2.0The Stanley Cross Bottle, 23 OZ in CreamThe Stanley Cross Bottle, 23 OZ in Rose Quartz

Imagine filling up your Cross Bottle with your favorite drink, throwing it on and heading out the door for the day — with your hands still free for whatever gets thrown at you (figuratively or literally). This is the perfect solution for busy Stanley lovers everywhere. The Cross Bottle is available now in six chic colors, so there’s a shade that suits everyone. 

Get Stanley’s new Cross Bottle to stay hydrated wherever your day takes you

The Stanley Cross Bottle, 23 OZ in Black 2.0

Black 2.0 is all black, from the bottle to the strap.

The Stanley Cross Bottle, 23 OZ in Cream

Cream is an off-white monochrome with a matching strap.

The Stanley Cross Bottle, 23 OZ in Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a light, dusty pink color block.

The Stanley Cross Bottle, 23 OZ in Ash

Ash is light gray on the bottom and darker, with a matching dark strap, on top.

The Stanley Cross Bottle, 23 OZ in Mist

Mist is light mint green on the bottom and teal on top with a matching teal strap.

The Stanley Cross Bottle, 23 OZ in Lilac

Lilac has a lavender tumbler and a darker purple top and strap.

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