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  /  World News   /  Apple AI: Tech giant unveils new Apple Intelligence software

Apple AI: Tech giant unveils new Apple Intelligence software

(NewsNation) — Apple unveiled its personalized generative AI software, Apple Intelligence, at the 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference Monday afternoon.

The software, which Apple referred to not as artificial intelligence but “personal intelligence,” was designed to use user information hand in hand with AI technology.

New features include generative AI photos for use in Messenger, Notes, Freeform, Keynote and Pages apps. The photos can be generated in one of three art styles: Sketch, illustration and animation.

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Generative emojis will also join the lineup. You can create generative emojis by typing a description of what you want or using an existing photo on your phone.

Apple Intelligence can also use apps on your behalf. One example shared at the keynote was, “Show me all the photos of Mom, Olivia, and me,” prompting the software to open up the Photos app and select the applicable images itself.

Siri will also receive a major AI update, giving her an updated interface and making her more “natural, relevant and personal” for users.

Using Apple Intelligence, Siri will be able to view stored messages, emails, notes, pdfs, shared links and more to help answer commands.

More new features utilizing Apple Intelligence are writing tools, which work to correct grammar and give writing tips for users in emails and texts.

Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi gave a nod to preexisting generative models like ChatGPT, only to emphasize the lack of personalization.

“But these tools know very little about you or your needs,” Federighi said.

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Though Apple’s newest foray into AI relies on using personal context and data, Apple leaders insist upon the safety of the new features and their implantation.

You can watch the full keynote address at this link.