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  /  World News   /  26% of Gen Z respondents brought parent to job interview: Survey

26% of Gen Z respondents brought parent to job interview: Survey

(NewsNation) — Some Gen Z respondents need help from their parents during a job interview, according to a new survey.

Resume Templates survey found that 26% of the Gen Z respondents actually involve their parents in the interview process; 31% of those respondents had a parent accompany them to an in-person interview, and 29% had them join a virtual interview.

For those that said they had a parent come with them to an in-person interview, 37% of respondents said they had their mom or dad come into the office, and 26% of respondents said one of their parents physically sat in the room while the interview took place.

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For those that said they had a parent near them during a virtual interview, 71% said their parent was off-camera, while 29% said their parent was visible on camera.

The majority of on-camera parents spoke directly to the hiring manager, according to the survey.

“It’s understandable, parents wanting to ensure that their child does well in an interview or that an employer is reputable. Conversely, it’s hard to see where a parent being directly involved in an interview is appropriate,” executive resume writer Andrew Stoner told Resume Templates. “It does not signal confidence to a hiring company on behalf of the child. I recommend a ‘help at a distance’ approach of being available and advising the child during the recruiting process.”