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  /  News   /  Gender identity, abortion divisive subjects for US voters: Survey

Gender identity, abortion divisive subjects for US voters: Survey

(NewsNation) — The United States’ intensely polarized political climate is fueled by myriad cultural issues, but a few topics — including race, gender and immigration — stand out, new Pew Research suggests.

In early April 2024, 8,709 adults — 7,166 of whom were registered voters — participated in the survey.

The survey, meant to gauge opinions from Donald Trump and Joe Biden‘s registered supporters ahead of the 2024 election, looked into the sometimes jarring disconnect between America’s political parties.

Race and legacy of slavery

When asked whether the legacy of slavery impacts the position of Black people in the modern United States, 79% of registered voters in support of Biden agreed it had lasting impacts. A remaining 20% chose that slavery has little to no effect.

Share of Black Americans planning to vote drops: Survey

On the other hand, 73% of registered voters who support Trump said it had not too much or no effect.

Only 27% of registered voters supporting Trump believe slavery’s legacy impacts Black people a great deal or a fair amount today.


Trump voters’ support for a “national effort to deport” all who are in the United States by illegal means has risen. A majority of Trump supporters, 63%, support deportation compared to Biden’s 11%.

Biden recently announced an executive action on immigration that closes the southern border when the average daily border crossing exceeds 2,500 between ports of entry.

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Gender identity

Nationwide, 65% of registered voters believe gender is determined by the sex a person was assigned at birth, while a third — roughly 34% — believe that gender can differ from the birth sex.

The issue is a divisive one, with a recent Gallup poll finding Americans nearly evenly split over the morality of identity changes.

Trump supporters have a clear opinion: 90% of his voters believe gender is determined by sex at birth.

Biden’s supporters, however, are more mixed. Nearly 60% believe gender can differ from sex at birth, with 39% believing the opposite.

Same-sex marriage

Overall, Biden’s supporters believe that same-sex marriage is good for society — 57% voted so, compared to only 11% of Trump voters.

More than 1M Methodists leave church over same-sex rule change

That means Biden’s advocates are nearly five times as likely to think of same-sex marriage as a net positive than his Republican counterpart’s.


Overall, the right to an abortion has gained support since the 2022 Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Still, the numbers are a stark contrast between Democrats and Republicans. An impressive 88% of Biden voters support abortion in all or most cases, and 38% of Trump’s supporters agree.

The survey also touched on topics of criminal justice, family structure and the teaching of American history. Click here to read the full research.