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  /  News   /  Voters on the economy, presidential debates and RFK: Full results

Voters on the economy, presidential debates and RFK: Full results

(NewsNation) — A NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ poll of registered voters found 58% of voters say they are living paycheck to paycheck, as the economy was listed as the No. 1 topic voters want to see in a presidential debate. 

The survey of 1,000 registered voters was conducted between May 28 and 29 via an online panel. Margins of error vary per question because the number of people who answered each question is different (learn more about why margins of error matter here).

See the full results of the poll below:

Question 1: Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president? (Margin of error 3%)

Strongly approve: 15.58%

Somewhat approve: 26.31%

Somewhat disapprove: 17.98%

Strongly disapprove: 40.12%

Question 2: Which of the following do you think is a bigger threat to the United States today? (Margin of error: 3.1%)

Russia: 26.33%

China: 43.94%

Iran: 4.75%

North Korea: 7.48%

Afghanistan: 0.82%

Other: 5.12%

Not Sure: 11.56%

Question 3: And how concerned are you about inflation? (Maring of error: 3%)

Very concerned: 61.91%

Somewhat concerned: 30.38%

Not too concerned: 5.95%

Not at all concerned: 1.76%

Who would benefit more from an RFK Jr. third-party run?

Question 4: Which do you think is a bigger problem facing the United States today: Inflation, unemployment, crime, or immigration? (Margin of error: 3.1%)

Inflation: 55.06%

Unemployment: 7.02%

Immigration: 24.94%

Crime: 12.98%

Question 5: Do you have a favorable or an unfavorable opinion of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.? (Margin of error: 2.7%)

Strongly Favorable: 6.76%

Somewhat Favorable: 26.72%

Somewhat Unfavorable: 22.78%

Strongly Unfavorable: 21.88%

Not sure: 21.86%

Question 6: Which of the following best describes how you view Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s political views? (Margin of error: 2.8%)

Very conservative: 8.93%

Somewhat conservative: 14.04%

Moderate: 29.84%

Somewhat liberal: 16.46%

Very liberal: 10.30%

Not sure: 20.42%

Question 7: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: I am currently living paycheck to paycheck? (Margin of error: 2.9%)

Strongly agree: 32.53%

Somewhat agree: 25.60%

Somewhat disagree: 17.36%

Strongly disagree: 24.52%

Question 8: Have you had to cut back on any purchases over the past month? (Margin of error: 3.1%)

Yes: 62.15%

No: 37.85%

Question 8.A (SELECTED OPTION 1 IN QUESTION 8): And what type of purchases did you have to cut back on? Select all that apply.

Groceries: 54.87%

Entertainment: 67.97%

Restaurants: 71.93%

Clothing: 52.50%

Electronics: 34.93%

Health and beauty: 33.12%

Home and garden: 27.39%

Gas: 33.62%

Travel: 52.24%

None of these: 0.14%

Question 9: Who would you say is the most responsible for the state of the economy today? (Margin of error: 3.1%)

President Biden: 42.21%

Republicans in Congress: 16.75%

Democrats in Congress: 9.73%

Financial institutions: 9.02%

Something else: 9.52%

Not sure: 12.77%

Question 10: How much do candidate debates impact your decision about who to vote for during an election? (Margin of error: 3%)

A great deal: 16.89%

A fair amount: 35.53%

Not very much: 33.19%

Not at all: 14.40%

Question 11: As you may have heard, Joe Biden and Donald Trump have accepted invitations to participate in debates to be held before the general election. Do you think that other candidates, such as independents or third-party candidates, should be included to participate in these debates as well? (Margin of error: 3%)

Yes: 64.93%

No: 23.93%

Not sure: 11.14%

Question 12: How likely are you to watch the presidential debates for the 2024 election cycle? (Margin of error: 3.1%)

Very likely: 44.06%

Somewhat likely: 33.79%

Not very likely: 12.63%

Not at all likely: 9.51%

The economy will determine who voters choose in 2024: Poll

Question 13:  Which of the following topics would you most like to see discussed in a presidential debate?  (Margin of error: 3.1%)

The economy: 43.37%

Crime: 4.96%

Abortion: 10.10%

Health care: 4.38%

Climate change: 5.71%

Racial inequality: 2.05%

Immigration: 19.16%

Foreign policy: 4.88%

Something else: 1.92%

Not sure: 3.48%

Question 14:  Generally speaking, how much trust do you have that debate moderators will treat all participating candidates fairly? (Margin of error: 2.9%)

A great deal: 18.87%

A fair amount : 38.06%

Not very much: 29.90%

None at all: 13.17%

Question 15: Overall, would you say that the country is on the right track or on the wrong track?  (Margin of error: 2.8%)

Right track: 21.80%

Wrong track: 67.98%

Not sure: 10.22%

Question 16: Overall, would you say you are better or worse off financially than you were about a year ago? (Margin of error: 3.1%)

Better off: 23.03%

Worse off: 44.71%

Neither better nor worse off: 32.26%

Question 17: Thinking about other topics, if the election for the U.S. Congress in your district was held today, which of the following candidates would you most likely vote for? (Margin of error: 3.1%)

The Republican candidate: 45.08%

The Democratic candidate: 43.46%

A third-party candidate: 6.75%

Would not vote: 4.71%

Question 18: What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? If you’re currently enrolled in school, please indicate the highest degree you have received. (Margin of error: 2.9%)

Post-graduate degree: 16.29%

Bachelor’s degree: 32.69%

Some college or associate’s degree: 32.34%

High school diploma or less: 18.68%

Question 19: Which of the following would you say most accurately describes your political ideology? (Margin of error: 3%)

Very Conservative: 14.87%

Somewhat conservative: 21.04%

Moderate: 37.80%

Somewhat liberal: 14.92%

Very liberal: 11.37%

Question 20: Which political party do you most closely identify with? (Margin of error: 3%)

Republican party: 37.55%

Democratic party: 34.54%

Independent: 26.10%

Another party: 1.81%