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  /  News   /  Trump would’ve had ‘fairer trial if he looted a Lululemon’: Rep. Mace

Trump would’ve had ‘fairer trial if he looted a Lululemon’: Rep. Mace

WASHINGTON (NewsNation) — Rep. Nancy Made, R-S.C., said on NewsNation’s “The Hill Sunday” that former President Donald Trump would have had a more fair trial if he “mugged and old lady on the subway and looted a Lululemon on the way home.”

Mace, who said she was echoing what she’s heard from her constituents, argued that independent voters aren’t overly concerned about Trump’s guilty verdict in the felony hush money trial.

Trump verdict supercharges Republicans

“Look, I live in a very purple district with a lot of independent voters,” she said. “And what I’m seeing is Donald Trump getting more support every single day from independent type of voters.”

Trump did see an immediate boost from his supporters, who helped him raise roughly $35 million after the verdict, his campaign announced Friday. The extent to which the verdict will help or fury with independent voters remains to be seen.

Mace said Trump’s New York trial was politics from the beginning.

“I would say they (Democrats) are trying to use their power to gain an advantage in November,” she said. “That’s what this is about. It’s always been political, and it’s still political today, but people people are seeing through that.”

Israeli leader Netanyahu faces growing pressure at home after Biden’s Gaza proposal

Mace, further defending the former president, pointed to wars overseas that have received substantial funding during President Joe Biden’s administration.

“We didn’t have the endless wars that we have today,” she said. “Hamas wasn’t invading Israel. Russia wasn’t invading Ukraine. The Houthis weren’t trying to bomb U.S. military assets overseas. We were all better off with Donald Trump as president. And that’s what we’re seeing today. People want to get rid of Joe Biden.”