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  /  News   /  Rep. Bob Good: Border mess is by Biden’s design

Rep. Bob Good: Border mess is by Biden’s design

(NewsNation) — Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Good says President Joe Biden promised to open the border, and he’s made good on that promise.

“President Biden said he was going to open the border, and he’s done a better job of that than anyone could have imagined,” Good told “NewsNation Prime.”

He said Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed, but doing the best they can. “Most Border Patrol agents now are devoted to processing as many illegals as possible as quickly as possible, as required by this Biden administration.”

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Good also takes issue with the notion that former President Donald Trump ordered Republican lawmakers to vote against the bipartisan border bill that took four months of negotiations to write.

“Absolutely disagree with that. Totally dishonest. House Republicans knew that was a terrible bill and we were against it from the very beginning,” he said.

The $118 billion bill would have expedited the asylum review process and would have granted the president a new power to shut down the border when daily crossings pass a certain limit.