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  /  News   /  Democrats worry about Chicago convention protests

Democrats worry about Chicago convention protests

(NewsNation) — “Nobody wants to have ugly scenes on the streets of Chicago,” and veteran Windy City journalist Ben Bradley says the Democratic National Committee is working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

But the WGN-TV investigative reporter says it will be a big challenge to keep the lid on when delegates meet to officially nominate President Joe Biden because demonstrations may be happening both outside and inside the United Center.

“They (protesters) may be delegates, so they may have a right to be inside the convention hall,” Bradley told NewsNation’s “On Balance.”

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With protests over the war in Gaza visiting Biden wherever he goes, Chicago convention organizers have been looking for ways to shield the president from protesters.

The city has denied permits to groups advocating several issues, including Palestinian rights, abortion, health care inclusion and LGBTQ+ rights. Two lawsuits against the city are pending.

Adding to the Democrats’ worries? Outside opponents like GOP Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

“He flooded Chicago with undocumented immigrants, and the city … had no place to put them,” said Bradley. “Will Gov. Abbott see an opportunity to catch some of that national attention by increasing the buses here to coincide with the convention?”

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Another factor Democrats must consider: Will the convention actually nominate Joe Biden? As things stand, Biden will not be on the ballot in Ohio because the state’s candidate filing deadline is August 5. The Democratic convention begins August 19.

According to Ohio’s Secretary of State, lawmakers had until Thursday to pass and sign something into law to make the fix but failed to do so. That means the DNC would have to technically nominate Biden before the convention begins.

That scenario might energize the push by some in the party to recreate 2020’s COVID workaround, a hybrid convention: in-person speeches by Biden and top party officials along with recorded speeches and videos from elsewhere.

“You better believe the DNC wants to script this as tightly as possible,” Bradley said.