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  /  Investing Analysis   /  Hostage situation underway at Dutch cafe

Hostage situation underway at Dutch cafe

A hostage situation involving several people is underway in the central Dutch town of Ede, according to local authorities.

The hostages are being held at a cafe in the center of town. It is not clear how many people are involved but public broadcaster NOS said police assume there is one hostage taker.

The incident triggered authorities to evacuate about 150 homes in the area, local police said. They added the motive remains unclear but said at this time there is no indication of terrorism.

Three hostages were released Saturday morning, but the situation remains ongoing, provincial police said.

Images from the scene show a massive police presence deployed to the area, including heavily armed officers. De Telegraaf reported a negotiator was also deployed.

Ede Mayor Rene Verhulst called the incident a “terrible situation” and said his thoughts and concerns were with those affected.

Authorities have asked residents to stay away from the scene.

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