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  /  World News   /  Managers admit to using ChatGPT to write performance reviews

Managers admit to using ChatGPT to write performance reviews

(NewsNation) — Since the beginning of the AI revolution with the introduction of ChatGPT, its use has been changing the way administrative tasks are handled in the white-collar workforce.

Managers and employees are increasingly turning to ChatGPT to help write performance reviews, a task that can determine raises or job security, Axios reported.

Managers and employees admitted that crafting these assessments can often be daunting or tedious, and the AI tool helps knock the annual task off their checklists.

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A former manager revealed she used ChatGPT to draft reviews for both her direct reports and peers, citing the exhaustive and bureaucratic nature of the process in large tech companies.

Another employed ChatGPT to streamline their review processes, leveraging its capabilities to synthesize feedback and meeting notes into comprehensive evaluations.

Despite its convenience, experts caution against relying solely on AI-generated content. Managers said human oversight and editing were required in the process to eliminate the false and misleading copy the AI tool sometimes generates.

While ChatGPT may alleviate the burden of writing evaluations, it cannot replace the human touch necessary for fostering growth and providing meaningful feedback. Managers also noted the importance of recognizing employees’ achievements and encouraging improvement, sentiments echoed by other proponents of AI-assisted performance reviews.