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  /  News   /  Nevada’s GOP caucuses give Trump another chance to widen lead

Nevada’s GOP caucuses give Trump another chance to widen lead

LAS VEGAS (NewsNation) — Former President Donald Trump is expected to sweep Nevada’s GOP caucuses on Thursday, which would give the former president a third straight win in the Republican presidential race and display his dominance over the Republican Party.

The Silver State has sown confusion by holding both a state-run presidential preference primary, in which former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley ran and came in second Tuesday to “none of the above candidates,” and state GOP-run caucuses Thursday. Only the winner of the caucuses will be awarded any delegates.

Trump says his lawyers did a great job in SCOTUS ballot case

In what was the lowest turnout to an Iowa caucus in a quarter-century, participants endured life-threatening cold and dangerous driving conditions to meet in hundreds of schools, churches and community centers across the state. But those who ventured out delivered a roughly 30-point win for Trump.

He also easily won New Hampshire’s primary in January.

The result was a setback for Haley, who finished second despite investing significant time and financial resources in the state.

The Nevada caucus will award all of the state’s 26 delegates to the winner, who is expected to be the former president.

A new state law required a presidential preference primary in Nevada, but the state GOP charged ahead with its long-standing caucus system anyway. After opting to take part in the primary, Haley was barred from participating in the caucus.

NewsNation affiliate The Hill and The Associated Press contributed to this report.